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We are not overly religious people, but we truly believe that rescue dogs are angels.

They come to you at a time when, whether you know it or not, you need them more than they need you. They pick you up from moments of darkness, they make you laugh when you are down, and they force you to think about throwing a ball when your mind wants to think about the next bill to pay.

Piper is our angel.

She is truly the most amazing dog. How any being can come from a history of abuse, neglect and susequent medical problems and go on to be one of the most calm, loving and caring creatures we've ever known astounds me.

She loves everyone. Loves to go out in the van or car (and yes, we've bought a bigger car for her as promised!), and loves walks along the beach and around the park. Our 3 year old grandson was scared of dogs before Piper arrived, and now he'll happily have her lie across his lap and stroke her for hours on end.

When we were visited by the humane society prior to getting her, we were asked where would she sleep. I replied "wherever she wants", and "wherever she wants" is between us on our bed.

We love Piper, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for putting us together.

The picture is Piper in her favourite 'can we go walkies dad?' pose, balanced on the arm of our sofa.


Sincere thanks to all of you.