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Roscoe and Muffin

This is Roscoe (left) and Muffin behaving like good doggies, waiting for their supper.  Roscoe is coming up for his first anniversary with us, and Muffin has been with us since early February.  Both from The Humane Society, of course, and both bringing great joy to us.  I am now quite a well-known sight in our neighbourhood - the elderly lady walking her two little dogs every day!  They really love their walks, and also love to play with their toys - the living area looks like a kiddies nursery by the afternoon, with toys scattered all over the place!  Takes us back more than 50 years to when our adult children were small!  And of course, Ray has two pairs of anxious eyes watching him each lunchtime to make sure they get their share of his lunch!


Thanks to the Society and to foster mum Tina for taking care of these two little ones so that they could become part of our family.