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Hi, We adopted squeak now Rosie in May. She was so scared when we brought her home. Took a night for her to even come out from under the bed... She was a caged dog... Now she reminds us how wonderful everything is. She runs jumps in the rain, catching rain drops in her mouth. She stretches out in the sun, she sniffs everything on our bush walks. She is just so happy. We already had a 6yr old jack Russell, Rodger. He is just in love with Rosie. The often kiss and snuggle like a couple of teenagers. Rodger is very protective of her and she has big eyes for him. Rosie is still scared of strangers, and cowers if surprised, but other than that, she loves life and we love her. We are so glad we brought her home and I can tell by the way she looks at me that she is happy too..