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Just over a month ago I lost my best friend, A beautiful Rottweiler called Taz, a big gentle giant who had wobblers syndrome, I nearly lost her three years ago but refused to give up on her and paid over $25,000 in vet bills for spinal surgery at V.S.G Pet Hospital, then last year she had internal bleeding and had to have a tumor and her spleen removed. She never really recovered and was struggling to get up and stand, it was heart breaking to watch and the time came when she couldn't get up at all anymore and I had to make that decision all dog owners dread, I was lucky to get her to 12 but I took it very hard as we had such a strong bond. At the time, I said I wouldn't be ready for a new dog for a long time afterwards, I still have another dog, Jack a 15 year old foxy, but the house was just so empty and quiet. So about three weeks after losing Taz after the initial trauma I found myself looking on trademe at dogs and found Roxy, (was called Tui in the add) a foxy cross jack russel , something about her just spoke to me as I've grown up with foxys and due to my rottys problems with hips and legs as much as I love big dogs I can't go through that again so I went out and met little Roxy, instantly fell in love with her and just had to bring her home. She slotted into my life very easily, we have been joined at the hip since day one, I live alone and work from home and the new puppy energy in the house has helped me a lot to cope with my loss. Shes a lovely little dog, foxys can be a handful but shes very calm most of the time lol, trainning is going well, still working on toilet training but it's getting better, she gets on well with my other foxy, after a few days she learnt not to jump at him and now gives him space so they get on fine, she also has a new Pal Bella, my mums miniature Dachshund who's a young dog also, they travel a lot and she stays with me and the two foxys often. I always will adopt rescue pups, they have a real thankfulness about them when you know they haven't had the best start in life or best experience from humans they really appreciate some love and attention which she is swamped with from me, so my little house and family is moving on with a new start  though Roxy has some big shoes to fill as my rotty was very special she is doing her proud and has found her forever home with me, very thankful to have her and thanks to the humane society for doing all that they do and making the process quick and easy for me to adopt her , don't buy pedigree dogs or support puppy mills, adopt a rescued dog and change both your lives for the better :)


Mark Williams