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This is Rusty (aka Kiza) we got him from the Humane society last year in June.


He is a bull Mastiff cross and has grown up to be a very handsome, well behaved man. Rusty is so loving and absolutely adores cuddles. He loves running around our property in the country, eating bones, lying in the sun, digging holes, collecting sticks and jumping in long grass. However I think his favourite things to do are swimming and running on the local beaches.


He has a sister called Inca and they are best friends. She is smaller (Pug x Jack Russell) but still his boss! He also has lots of other animal friends living with him including a goat, sheep, cows and a cat.


Rusty is such a big part of our lives and we are so thankful that he is now ours.


You guys do an amazing job at the Humane Society.