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Shiloh is doing really well! We adore her and we think she is sooooo cute! She is starting to come out of her shell and sometimes we think she is like a different dog to the one we picked up a few weeks ago :-)

She's quite a sleepy little girl but she loves her crate so much! She hasn't had a wet crate once since we brought her home, and she is really well house trained. She goes absolutely crazy when we come home and she runs laps of the house! That tires her out as she's not much of a walker and doesn't really like walking around the neighborhood on her leash.

She has been out on several wonderful long off leash walks, at Takapuna, Meola Reef and Kakamatua. We like to go for coffee or brunch after our walks, however as being cold is probably Shiloh's least favorite thing in the world, we have now bought a little handbag style transporter so we can pop her in it for a sleep and keep it tucked under the table while we enjoy our food!

Shiloh is a bit too excited to 'sit' before her food, but she knows how to sit, and she'll do it for a cuddle.

 She is such a good little dog in every single way!

One of the best things that has happened so far is that the hair on her chest is starting to grow back! We thought that she was just bald under there and that was how it was going to be, but it seems to have been from stress, so it's wonderful to see her happy :-)