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I wanted to write and thank you for helping us find a member of our family. It is coming up to the anniversary of our getting Shooter, an Irish Terrier you rescued from the pound.


Shooter has settled in so well. We live in Wellington, in Island Bay right near the beach. When we first got him we took him to the Canine Club here to learn to train him to relax and to walk with us. He saw a dog psychologist for a little while to make sure that he wasn’t suffering from any anxiety or boredom or anything like that. He goes for a run on the beach almost everyday where he plays with the other dogs. Every morning we get up first thing and go for a run around the neighbourhood where he says hi to all his friends who live along the route. He loves to fetch sticks that we throw into the ocean, and we have never managed to tire him out completely - he is very fit! His favourite food is chicken, he loves peanut butter as a treat, and still doesn’t like the vegetables we try to mix into his food!


His evenings are spent lying on our laps in front of the fire while we talk, read or watch TV. During the holidays (three times a year) we take him up to his grandparents beach house in the Coromandel where he spends hours and hours on the beach with us. He also watches dogs go by in front of the property and likes makes sure nobody comes too close to the fence.


We love him so much. We spend so much of our time talking about him and feeling thankful we were connected with Shooter and are fortunate enough to be able to share our lives with him. We take great pleasure in knowing that he is loved as much as any dog possibly could be, and we’d like you to know that he is warm, happy, well fed and very, very loved.


You do an amazing job, you’ve made a huge difference to one dog and two humans whose lives are so much richer because of it!