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Sophie came to us over a year ago now, but somehow she has always been one of us.  She clearly understands what we say to her, with her ears pricking up if anyone mentions the word "Walk" or "Car - ride", and will head to either the garage or the front sliding door.

Sophie was first shown on TradeMe, and I contacted the Humane society to see if we could meet with her - and were declined.  At that time Sophie was still very delicate around Men, and as my son stood at almost 6 feet, and my husband cannot be described as a 'little' man, everyone thought that Sophie would react badly to them.

Sophie disappeared off the site for a while, as her beloved Marge was working tirelessly with her.  Marge would invite her neighbour to visit, and gradually Sophie got a little more relaxed around two legged males.

Several other families came to meet with Sophie; however she never really took to them.

I don't know what attracted us to Sophie.  I had never had a dog; plenty of cats, horses, birds, and of course my children, but never a dog.  My husband had had a dog as a child, and felt that it would complete the family.

For some reason as soon as Sophie came back onto TradeMe I pounced again.  I called the Humane Society, and while I did not demand to meet with her, I just had a feeling that she was waiting for us.

Finally they relented, and I was given Marge's phone number.  Our first phone call lasted a little over an hour, and we discussed a very slow build up of time with Sophie.

On our first visit my daughter and I introduced ourselves to both Marge and Sophie, then after things settled down, the boys came to meet her too. After a couple of barks, not to mention a couple of treats, Sophie settled down.  Within 7 minutes of meeting the boys, she was flat on her back, tail wagging, demanding a tummy scritch - and not much has changed!

She now happily keeps our back yard free of pesky cats during the day, and happily wanders in and out while I'm working from home.  She gets two walks a day, usually 45 minutes plus, and at night she gets to choose whether to snuggle with my daughter or son - sometimes starting with one, then moving when she feels like a change is needed.

She has a 'boyfriend' who is a purebred Husky, and lives with his family in Greenlane.  She had a bit of an issue with them at first - nothing aggressive, just a little nervous.  Of course now she demands scritches from them as much as from us - and will happily sit with them when they or we visit.

Now she loves to go for walks in the Regional parks which are dog friendly, she loves to run along the beach and chase whatever she can, and she loves to swim in the ocean in the summer.  She is going to visit with Marge for a week in July, and already she can't wait.  We run into Marge and Joyce from time to time on our walks, and Sophie just jumps for joy as soon as she sees them.

Sophie has completed our family - and we hope that we have completed her.