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Spidey is a real charmer and both Lockie and him are getting along so well, they are inseparable.  They played so much that they wrecked the curtain by charging in and out of the house too much. Spidey still needs some training which we plan to put him in obedience classes. Lockie on the other hand, is the sweetest dog ever. My husband and daughter just adore them. We take them to the park almost everyday for 1 to 2 hours. Lockie is obsessed with the ball while Spidey still need to stay on the lead. We let him go yesterday and he charged right into a very dirty pond and had to be washed when we were home as he was covered with filth.

They have their own place but they have chosen to share which I don't mind.  Here are some pictures of the both of them.

Have a great year ahead.