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We sadly lost our last 16.5 yr old Jack Russell, Reggie a month ago. He had been partially paralysed and recovered with the help of some wheels imported from the USA but suffered a relapse and finally had heart failure so we let him go meet his dad, Ronnie (both named after the famous UK Kray Twins as both a handfull!!) who had passed on 9 months before at 19.5 yrs old.
For 4 weeks, we had a very empty house and had decided not to get another Jack Russell until Frank's mum Kathy had emigrated out as she would be staying with us with her dog Holly for a while. However... good old Trademe!! I had been doing some sneaky viewings looking at Jack Russells who were available and spotted Spike one Thursday. I mentioned him to Frank that evening and he was keen, but we were both still unsure because of his mum's arrival. Anyway, Saturday evening, we decided yes, and Frank phoned up early the next day to see if Spike was still available, no, getting a house check done so we thought that was that. However, later that afternoon, we had an email to say he was still available so we phoned straight up and went down to meet him and it was love at first sight!!
Spike came home the following Sunday and has made us both smile again! He is a totally different character from our other two boys (and a lot quicker I may add!!) but so lovely and cuddly and our house is full of life again! Thank you!