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We've had Spud (who was originally named Harry when we adopted him, but we felt Spud fit his personality a bit better) for almost two months now and he has settled in amazingly with the family. He's very much Daddy's dog and once spent 15 minutes waiting outside the toilet door for Dad, but Dad had snuck out the other door to go to golf! He had to settle for the company of Mum instead.

Although Spud's estimated age is 7 human years, he has all the spark of a puppy. He does a lot of silly things that make us laugh, such us running up and down our very long hallway wiggling his bottom the whole way, chasing balls that are almost the same size as him and digging at his bed! Also, when he's happy, his tail rotates in circles rather than wags from
side to side. He loves going for car rides, especially in the farm truck with Dad.

He has recently started acting as Mum's doorbell as well, barking whenever a visitor arrives.

Having Spud in our family after the unfortunate illness that took our last dog, Cosby, from us has made a huge difference. Thank you for all the good work you are doing and for allowing us to adopt this amazing dog!

Update: We have received notice that Spud has since passed away, our condolences go out to Spud's family. Our only consolation is that for the last years of Spud's life he had a loving family and wanted for nothing. Fly free Spud