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 Well it has been a month now since our beautiful daughter came to her forever home and completely took over the place..... Whoops that's a Typo error & should be deleted) it should read , and has settled in quite nicely.

We affectionately refer to her as Sugar the Shorgie because of her 1/2 shih-Tzu & 1/2 Corgie Parentage. However we have wondered about her lineage and have come to the conclusion that somewhere along the line there is a mixture of Maori, French & Irish! We say Maori, because she just loves giving you a "Hongi. But then we thought maybe the French Poodle because she also loves Snails! Or maybe the Irish wolfhound who thoroughly enjoys digging holes.

 It is not unusual for Sugar to come running inside, (she has the run of the whole house and the back yard ) covered in dirt and mud and happily deposits it on the nearest carpeted area !! Oh yes, no Mamby-Pamby stuff for this little girl, she is a real Tomboy. The Corgie influence is now very much to the fore.

Sugar is really a very independent little girl with a mind of her own. She is not frightened by anything or anybody. She will stand on her dignity and will not back down regardless of the odds. The other, very wet and windy night she was asleep on the lounge carpet when she heard a noise outside. Sugar leapt up and raced outside barking, (well , her version of barking) Now , you have to admit that is exceptional for a four month old pup. As she gets older she will be a fantastic watch dog, perhaps not the attack type of watch dog but rather the "Hey guys, something is amiss, you better check it out type".

 Just at the moment her semi Corgie ears are just starting to stand up, (Ahhhh, at least the left one is) and at times she looks hilarious. Since Sugar came to live with us, as from day one we would take her out onto the lawn on a regular timetable and say, "Do Wees" and when she obliged we made sure we had a small treat for her. Now, just one month later, she will, (let's say 90% of the time) just toddle off by herself and do her little jobbies, both No1 & 2. Sure she still makes the occasional mistake, but we won't talk about that!  

Sugar is super intelligent, always ready to please and to learn something new. She knows instinctively from the tone of your voice if she is in trouble. (not that it worries her) During her "Awake " hours through the day she will spend her time either out with me in the garage or in the garden, (Helping me dig ?? ) or inside the house with Barbara creating more havoc!

She has her daytime basket full of toys but, seemingly like all children, she is happiest with a stone or lump of wood. All that notwithstanding, Sugar is aptly named, she is an absolute softie at heart, a very sweet sugary softie.

Through the night she sleeps in her box alongside our bed and right from day one she has never given us a moments trouble and we are certain that is a reflection of credit to Tina, her first Humane Society care giver If she can get away with it Sugar would rather be "In bed" with Barbara, so we make this the occasional treat............. Jill had previously told us that Sugar was Tina's "very Special" puppy.  So, what do we think about that? Do we think she is "Very Special"?  Your Darn Tootin We Do!  Kind regards.   Wayne and Barbara