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Summer is doing well. We have completed 3 training courses and are on our 4th! We are doing agility now and she is getting very big. Possibly too big for agility but we enjoy it none the less.
Summer and Jarna are the very best of friends and at night they cosy up to the cat. What a happy family we have become.

I have enjoyed the new website!

I will video her new tricks and send them to you. I say bang bang and she dies lol, she crawls and she also lets me place biscuits on her paws and waits before I say she can eat them. She learnt that trick at 5 months of age! She's my little star and life would be so boring without her. She is a very happy well balanced dog and is loved so much. She knows her place in our pack and she works hard for the treats she gets.
Summer, Jarna and I are so lucky.