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Hi Jill

I left Jacqui's house over a month ago now, and although I was very sad to leave her, I was also quite excited to see what my new home would be like.  Jamie built me a kennel which I love hanging out in when him and Claire go to work, and often they leave me a bone or a pig's ear to chew on during the day which I love.

 I've been very good, and put on my best manners.  They take me to Meola Reef off leash park or Pt Chevalier beach so that I can run fast up and down.  There are always other dogs to play with, and I'm very good taking care of the other dogs so that we can all play chase together.  I usually win because I am faster than them, but it's still fun!

 I met an Italian Greyhound the other weekend, and she gave me a run for my money racing around.  Very strange to see a small version of myself but she was pretty feisty and we had a great time running around.

 I had a play date with Diana's dog Lincoln and she took us and her daughter Mabel out in the car then for a walk- that was fun.  Thanks Diana!

 All in all, I've settled in well here, and am enjoying life with Claire and Jamie.  They are learning how to command me to do down, wait and come and the treats I like best are small bits of bacon rind and cheese.  Yum.

 Bye Jill, and thanks for helping me to find my new home.

Love Tana x