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Three weeks ago today I adopted Tama – now known as Taylor- and haven’t regretted it. I tragically lost both my boys in March within 11 days of each other, my 15 year old ten days after a very sudden diagnosis with cancer and the 7 year old to a traumatic spinal collapse.. To say I was bereft was an understatement. 
Got myself a kitten, China, and was not going to get another dog for quite some time.  BUT.......little China was being menaced by the neighbourhood cats who had realised there were no more dogs at number 22, and I just happened to be trawling through the Humane Society website dogs for adoption when I saw Taylor (Tama).
Something clicked and that was that.  He is simply a joy, he and China love each other and he is her big protector. He has settled in well, we do a 9km power walk every night after work and when it is not raining, we get up at 6am and do 4kms before work.  He has met the neighbourhood pack and fits in well, my work colleagues think he is fantastic and I am soooooo lucky. 
Tina his foster mum has done an awesome job with him, he comes when I call and sits on command (my vet was very impressed).  We went up Big King last weekend for the first time and I let him off the leash, he had a ball with the other dogs and came racing back to me when I called.  He has such a sweet nature given his ho hum start in life. 
Thank you for giving him a second chance and me for another sweet natured boy in my life.