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I have been so busy enjoying my new family and home I haven't had a chance to write. I have a new name now 'Teddy'. I like it.

My new Mum, the wee girl is lovely she feeds me and lets me sleep on her bed until her Mum and Dad go to bed then I sleep with Lilly in the bathroom. I have my own flash bed and pillow and new toys. There is a grumpy cat here who tried to scratch me when I raced up to sat hello. She is lots  calmer now but I don't bother her anymore just in case. We have been going for little walks after school and I love to sleep a lot during the day to build up my energy. Next week Lilly said I am going to her hairdresser or groomer she said for a haircut. Lilly said the lady is nice and there are lots of Bichon's there to play with.

Thanks for being my Mum and taking care of me and now I have you as my Aunty. Please give the other doggies a lick from me, I hope they find loving families too.  And please give yourself a big lick and cuddle from me.