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Thought I would send you an update as I've been at my new home for a week now. I'm loving my new family, they are very very nice and give me lots of attention and are always happy to throw my ball for me, they're always talking to me and telling me what a good, handsome boy I am [as if I didn't know that already] and giving me treats but they do tell me off if I nip which I sometimes do when I get really excited.


The neighbours are really nice and talk to me over the fence and tell me what a nice boy I am [apparently they're known to provide 'goodies' too].


Tracy thought you might like a couple of pics of me:


* Me sitting surveying my new territory

* The first night I was there I found the best spot at the dinner table is next to Dad as he always 'manages' to drop food on the floor or slip me a little something when Mum's not looking

* My current favourite toy is a tennis ball & there's loads of balls out in my garden - soccer balls, rugby balls & little balls!

* They're very lucky as I let them brush me too

* Pictures of my new garden - it's a lovely place but I did get told off when I tried to drink out of the fishpond

[edit: sorry could only fit in 3 photos]


They sat down the first night I was there and gave me a wee talk about how they know I've had a few different homes but that this is my new home and I won't be going anywhere else.  Dad also takes me out for a ride in the car and then a walk every day and they say I'm very well behaved in the car [I just sit there and wait until we get somewhere] and am always very excited when we get out.


I do have a brand new bed to call my own but I usually sleep on the floor in Mum and Dad's room or Tracy's room as I need to keep an eye on them.  I've been really good and haven't had any 'accidents' inside and let them know when I need to go outside.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for looking after me and for finding my new family as even though I've been here only a week I know I'm going to be happy and very well looked after.


Tracy has put my photo's on something she calls Facebook and everyone is saying what a lovely boy I am.