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Hello there my name is Toby and I was adopted by the Pope Family in February last year. I used to live with my great foster mum Marjorie. But then one day I got a whole lot of visits from loads of different families and there was one family in particular that I loved. And then guess what? I got to go and live with my favourite family! How cool is that? Anyway I now have been living with my new family for ages.


I am a very snugly little boy and love nothing better than to curl up on my mums lap and lay my head on her chest. My favourite thing ever would have to be walkies! No wait food! No swimming! Oh I don’t know I love them all soooo much. I sometimes get bones as a special treat and for Christmas this year I got the biggest bone ever!


Some weekends we go out to a place called Piha and I get to go to the beach every day. Did I mention that I love swimming! While I’m out there I also get to play with my best friend Indy, she may be an Australian Shepherd and three times the size of me but I play with her all weekend. I am a very cheeky little man and sometimes raid my mums laundry basket and run away with her undies! While I am there I also make sure to check the rubbish bin and get a quick sip out of the toilet. I am very fast at learning and also know heaps of new tricks!


Sometimes I get bored and race around the house like a maniac and my owners wonder how I don’t crash into things, I tell them it is pure skill. I am not sure whether the long waggly thing (tail) that seems to come out of my back is a part of me but I chase it lots to see if it will come off, so far it is still there and I will continue to investigate.


Anyway I would just like to thank the Humane Society team and Marjorie for rescuing me from that horrible pound and finding me my forever home.


Lots of love and licks