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Just a note about how Toddy is getting on, after nearly two weeks down the track.

He travelled home really well and when we arrived home he had a wander around the back yard and then came inside and jumped straight into the cane bed. We have no problems with him going to bed at night in the dining room, as right from day one he has jumped into his bed and not a sound from him till the next morning.

I take him down to the park between 6.30 and 7a.m for his walk. He is quiet and well behaved with only a couple of minor faults one being at night in the lounge he wants to sit on your lap and if he gets told no, he will climb up your legs as if they were a ladder, but he will get the message.

Finally we took him down to Waiuku last Sunday to meet our son's Jack Russell and for the first few minutes there was a bit of growling and showing of teeth, but when they were settled and let off the lead they played together for the next three hours without a problem. They were even playing tug of war with the Jack Russell's blanket, and when Toddy had had enough the other one would bring it back to him to start over again. They are now the best of mates.