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Vinnie and Dog

Here we are lined up with Taz, our Alpha male, (but he's not very strict!).  We are having heaps of fun and learning lots of things.  Dog - " I have been following Taz around and he has taught me to hunt for mice and my brother Vinnie loves to chase birds and last week we all flushed a couple of ladies out of the bushes in our park.  Dad seemed a bit embarrassed and we didn't know why so we just jumped all over them and licked them even more! We have a very busy life, in the morning after we've woken up Mum and Dad, we help feed hay out to the horses, Infidel is my favourite and I always lick his nose when he puts his head down to sniff me. We then go out into our 1/4 acre dog run and play for a few hours then we go to the park for a walk and a swim. After lunch we come inside with Dad and he plays hide and seek with us and Taz always finds him. Then Mum comes home from work and we go for a run alongside the quad bike down to the horses paddock and we help feed them. Then we have dinner and Vinnie climbs onto Mums knee for his cuddle and I have my cuddle with Dad. Then our whole pack goes to bed in our own beds in the bedroom (although I sometimes cuddle up next to Dad).
Thanks for saving us so we could become a part of a big happy pack!