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Ziep (a.k.a. Leon) is 4 months old now and is such an awesome puppy. Thanks to Humane Society and especially Tina who was his foster carer - she did such a great job with him, when we got  him he was already crate trained & toilet trained - can't believe how easy he is!  He's such a cruisy wee boofhead, a real goofball and sooo loveable.

Him and Sandy (our 5yr old Dalmatian) get along really well, Sandy and him play heaps and he's learning so quickly from her. Ziep is also great with the kids and ignores the cats mostly. Whenever he's got too close to the cats, he's been rewarded with a swipe and a hiss, so he gives them a wide berth!

Ziep's favourite things to do are....eating (loves chicken necks and backs, offal and minced up veg), chasing and playing rough and tumble with Sandy, sleeping, having cuddles, riding in the car, going down to the beach, eating crispy yummy kelp, swimming in the river at the beach (already!!), meeting other dogs and people, sleeping, digging in the sand, oh and did we mention sleeping??!!

He's such a cool dog & we feel so lucky to have him - so THANKS Humane Society!