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Posted 16-Dec-2015

Don't leave your dog in a car this summer

Posted 29-Jun-2015

Book for Fundraising

Ellie's owners have written a book all about rescuing her and her life once she was adopted, written from Ellie's perspective.  All profits from the sale of this book will go to the Humane Society, which is fantastic, and very kind of them.

The book is now available for purchase.  If anyone would like a copy please click on the link below

Ellie Ellie (438 KB)


Posted 09-Apr-2018

Doggy Day Out

Come and join the Humane Society

 for the


Doggy Day out



It will be from 11-2pm on 22nd April


The Dairy Flat Hall

4 Postman Road, Dairy Flat

(see directions below)


Bring along a picnic and enjoy a sausage sizzle and cream teas.

There will be competitions, including best dressed dog, dog and owner look alike and a dog to owner race, and dog blessings will be available.


Thank you to Radical Dog for contributing towards the prizes for the competitions.

Posted 27-Feb-2018

Ice cream cloud nine in the February newsletter

It has been pointed out to me that some vets are warning about giving dogs peanut butter containing xylitol. When using peanut butter for this recipe please use a brand such as Pic's which doesn't include any sweetener in their butter.

Wishing all the dogs out there lots of healthy treats.

Posted 03-Jan-2018

A very big Thank You

Councillors and

Councillors and Principal of Halsey Drive School with the dog food they collected and Desmond the Humane Society spokes-dog.
(l-r) Micah Kennerley, Jonathan Mar, Pratham Shah, Bryan Curtis-Marsters, Tvisha Bajaj, Brianna Mc Cready, Rhea Prasad, 
      Kristy Goundar, Dawn Chen, Mrs Davies-Crook

Thanks to the wonderful Councillors from Halsey Drive School in New Lynn who picked us as their worthy cause for one of their end-of-year Xmas projects. They collected dog food to ensure the rescue dogs would be well fed over the holidays.

It was so kind of the school pupils to think of the homeless animals, and the donated food is very much appreciated. We were even able to share some with a rescue organisation that takes unwanted puppies there are so many of them this time of year.

If we had one wish for 2018 it would be that people would get their dogs and cats desexed. This would dramatically cut down the number of unwanted and abandoned pets around New Zealand. It is heart breaking for so many groups that do their best to rescue and rehome animals that certainly deserve better.

Principal Cheryl Davies-Crook said the pupils had done the same thing for the City Mission and Cat Rescue. “I'm very proud of them – it was very much off their own bat.”


Posted 25-Mar-2017

The Big (Doggy) Day Out is Cancelled

Sadly we have had to cancel the Big (Doggy) Day Out due to the bad weather forecast tomorrow and the fact that the entire event is outdoors.

We hope you and your dogs have a lovely weekend

The Humane Society Committee

Posted 14-Jan-2017

The Big (Doggy) Day Out

Please click here for more information

Big Doggy Day Out Big Doggy Day Out (1012 KB)

Posted 07-Dec-2016

Vote for the Humane Society rescue dogs.


Please vote for Humane Society Rescue Dogs


 Masterpet is sharing their Christmas cheer with pets who are homeless . They are seeking 10 deserving charities to receive an amazing Santa Sack from Masterpet’s Grotto (worth up to $4,000).

This would mean wonderful treats for Humane Society rescue dogs - and the ones we will save in 2017. It would also free up resources so we can continue to focus on supporting desexing - and can continue to play a role in breaking the cycle of unwanted animals ...being neglected, abused, and abandoned.

Please vote for the Humane Society and help us provide a much happier Xmas and New Year to animals who deserve to experience human peace, love, and goodwill..

To vote click HERE




Posted 02-Sep-2016

Teambuilding makes us Kennels

The employees at Brandspace, which owns and operates Westfield malls have had a team-building day and one of their exercises was to construct 3 kennels, which they have kindly donated to us.

Our committee member Lisa and her dog Desmond were there to receive the kennels when they finished, and an article about it is available here.

Thank you to Richelle Scott and the Brandspace team for thinking of us. They will be very useful and Desmond obviously thoroughly enjoyed himself.



Posted 27-Feb-2015

Sponsored Trek to Mt Everest Base Camp


Ramesh is back!  Congratulations!

He successfully completed the trek to Mt Everest Base Camp, and writes:

I returned from Nepal just last week and pleased to inform you that the trek was a huge success. :)

I managed to reach Everest Base Camp at 5,400m without any problems (despite two of my trekking mates dropping out due to altitude sickness) and the views from there were simply breathtaking.

Here are some pics from Everest.  I came across several mountain dogs on the way up to Everest and was amazed to see them walking beside me for quite a distance.

The trek to Mt Everest Base Camp is back on, after having to be postponed due to the earthquake. Ramesh will be leaving next week!

We are so grateful for the money he has raised, and wish him all the best in Nepal

If you want to support his trek his give-a-little account has been re-opened at:   http://givealittle.co.nz/fundraiser/ramesh1402#


Ramesh adopted a Golden Retriever from us in 2011, and has now kindly offered to raise some funds for the Humane Society by setting up a give a little page to sponsor his trek to Mt Everest Base Camp in May.

If you wish to see his page the link is:  http://givealittle.co.nz/fundraiser/ramesh1402#

Thank you so much Ramesh, your efforts are really appreciated by the Humane Society, and the animals we help.

Mt Everest Trek Update:

Due to the earthquakes currently in Nepal Ramesh has postponed his trip until late August, we are just thankful he wasn't there when the earthquake hit.


Posted 01-Mar-2015

Pets Picnic in the Park

We are holding our annual Pets Picnic in the Park on Sunday 12th April 2015, 12 noon, at the One Tree Hill Domain, Royal Oak (enter off Manukau Road, on the grass area between the Observatory and Children's Playground). 

We have novelty events for dogs with prizes, judging for this commencing at 1.30pm.  From 12 noon there will be a sausage sizzle/drinks available (or bring your own picnic lunch),  we have dancing dogs and some equipment so your dog can try out agility.  Raffles, competitions and much more - a fun day out for the whole family.

(All dogs must be registered and no puppies under 4 months for their own safety). 



Posted 20-Oct-2014

Mud Muster

Corinne, has bravely just run the Mud Muster with all her sponsorship going to the Humane Society.



The  Mud Muster is a 5km mud and obstacle race in Marton. She ran it totally in a Ram costumer, and has so far raised $400.00 through

http://www.givealittle.co.nz/cause/mudrun.  Here are some photos, as you can see she did a fantastic job.  The donation page is open until 1/11, if anybody would like to donate.



Thank you Corinne, and well done :-)

Posted 04-Feb-2014

Film Archive Wellington - Pet


For more information go to http://www.filmarchive.org.nz/now-showing/pet/

Posted 22-Oct-2013

Photo Fundraiser

Posted 03-Oct-2013

Pet Expo 2013

We had a stall here again this year.  It is a great opportunity to meet people and spread the word about who we are and what we stand for.  It is also a great opportunity to meet previous adopters of the humane society dogs, and find out how they are going. Over 19,000 people went to the Pet Expo this year, and with any luck we made an impression with quite a few of them.  The dogs were very well behaved, the volunteers were wonderful, and a good time was had by all. The public took home thousands of photos of them cuddling humane society dogs, and many took home lists of our dogs for adoption, so we hope they will be finding new homes very soon.

Posted 18-May-2011

Humane Society does Facebook!

One of our friendly volunteers has undertaken the task of creating and updating our facebook page. Keep up to date with new dogs being rescued as well as updates on those already in foster care. Be sure to stop by and say hi.




Posted 16-May-2011

A Big Thank You

The team at the Humane Society would like to express a big thank you to Samantha, Josie, Alyssa and Angel for their recent fundraising efforts. These proactive young ladies took some passion for animals, mixed it with some initiative and cooked up a storm. They held a bake sale during their lunch hour which raised over $145! Samantha’s family adopted a dog from us not too long ago which inspired the bake sale, you can read about Jackson here.

Also a big thank you goes to Marina View School in West Harbour, Auckland, for allowing these proactive young ladies to make a difference.


Posted 02-Jun-2010

Foster Dog Finds Her Niche as a Drug Dog

Bree is one of those dogs who have a strong desire to work, she is a smart thinker and has an overabundance of energy. She failed in her first adoptive family home because these traits put not only her life in danger, but that of her family. One of her adventures included eating through the gas pipes into the house!

However, while these traits are seen as undesirable in most homes, Bree was lucky enough to find herself with one that embraced them. We are pleased to annouce that Bree has now passed her final validation training with 100% accuracy to become a drug detection dog with New Zealand Dector Dog Services. She now has a very bright future doing what she loves by day, with swimming and long bush outings on her days off.

We thank Dector Dog Services for taking on dogs like Bree, who have a great work ethic, but can be difficult to adopt into family homes because of their overexhuberance.

You can read more about Bree here  

Posted 17-Apr-2009

Welcome To Our New Website

Welcome to the new Humane Society website. It has been a long time in the pipelines, but we are pleased we finally made it. We went live at the beginning of March and the feedback and hits to date have been very pleasing. For your information the website will be kept current with frequent updates on the status of dogs and cats as they happen. For those who have adopted a pet through the Humane Society you might like to look at our Happy Tails section and email us through an update (and photo) on how you and your adoptee are faring.

Thank you for visiting and we'd love to hear your feedback about the site. Don't forget to tell your friends.