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Annie, rescued by the Humane Society & adopted in March 2005.

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The Humane Society advertises their dogs and cats available for adoption on our website, on Facebook, on Pets on the Net and on Trademe.

Dogs and cats are fostered in private homes, with experienced families, until adoption takes place. This makes it possible for us to put a profile together in order to more successfully match animals to their new owners.

The biggest percentage of dogs come to us from city shelters (pounds), having either been relinquished or unclaimed strays. We are very proud of the fact that we successfully place well over a hundred dogs each year, which is only made possible through the wonderful work carried out by all of our very willing and hard-working volunteers. If you wish to become a volunteer, please check our membership page.

All dogs are vet-checked, vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and registered prior to adoption. A minimum donation of $200 is required.

Cats are vet-checked, vaccinated and desexed, with a minimum $50 donation required.

A placement form is completed and the donation left with our foster home prior to the animal leaving our care.

A suitably fenced property is required, which one of our volunteers will check prior to the dog leaving our foster home. (Cats do not require property inspections).

Fencing must suit the dog that the prospective new owner wishes to adopt, i.e. right down and into the ground for a small dog and of good height for a small climber or larger dog.

Fencing material must be solid, with no gaps and gates need to be the same height as the fence and right to the ground.

Prospective new owners are required to visit the animal in our foster home, to ensure they are compatible.

All dogs in care are registered to the Humane Society who have the right to refuse any prospective adoptive person/family if they feel the placement is unsuitable for any reason.

Registration is transferred by the new owner, within seven days of adopting the dog.

All new owners receive initial membership to the Society.