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Our Beliefs

As documented at our Incorporation.


  • It is wrong to kill animals needlessly or for entertainment or to cause animals pain or torment.
  • It is wrong to fail to provide adequate food, shelter and care for animals for which man has accepted responsibility.
  • It is wrong to use animal for medical, educational or commercial experimental research  unless absolute necessity can be demonstrated  and unless such is done without causing the animals pain or torment.
  • It is wrong to maintain animals that are to used for food in a manner that causes them discomfort or denies them an opportunity to develop and live in conditions that are reasonably natural for them.
  • It is wrong to kill animals for food in any manner that does not result in instantaneous unconsciousness, methods employed should cause no more than minimum apprehension.
  • It is wrong to confine animals for display, impoundment or as pets in a conditions that are not comfortable and appropriate.
  • It is wrong to permit domestic animals to propagate to an extent that leads to over-population and misery.
  • The elimination of these wrongs is the goal of this Society and it will promote its efforts and resources to the maximum achievable realisation of this goal. To do any less would be a failure to meet our responsibility.
  • Our tools will be leadership, education and action using such legal means as are most effective and are at our disposal. We shall endeavor to promote animal welfare in specific situations and strive to bring about new respect for living things.
  • The Humane Society of NZ Inc intends to make progress in solving animal problems, but the scope and the depth of the problems are immense. Because the Humane Society is totally dependent on private contributions, the rate of progress it can make is tied directly to the level of support it receives.